What does the current historical moment look like where you live?

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UC Berkeley Historian's Eye Occupy Archive

Tea Party Archive by A.J. Bauer

Individual Contributions

Boston Women's Rally by Eleanor Byrne

OWS May Day Actions by A.J. Bauer

"Capitalism Works for Me" photos by Eleanor Byrne

Super Tuesday photos by Eleanor Byrne

"Secure Communities" by Lauren Tilton

Citizens United Protest by Eleanor Byrne

Rick Santorum Rally by Eleanor Byrne

Occupy Boston by Eleanor Byrne

Occupy Wall Street by M. Anthony Hopkins

Occupy Wall Street by Marcy DePina
9/11/11 by Johanna Clearfield
Robertson Paper Worker
Photos by William Hosley

Additional collections of interest:

Voices of Poverty: A Narrative of America's Poor

25 Stories from the Central Valley by UC Davis

Watch the presentation on debt that scholars Michael Denning, Andrew Hannon, and Eli Jelly-Shapiro made at Occupy Boston, November 22, 2011. Submitted by Andrew Hannon.

Occupy UC Davis, November 18, 2011. Submitted anonymously.

Listen to the single I Want My Country Back by Jimmy Copens, produced in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Copens noted that he had been hearing the phrase "I want my country back" for the last few years, and in this song, he articulates what people have been saying about this country, government, and the current state we are in. Mr. Copens does not claim any political party affiliation.


Occupy Olympia, Washington, October 15, 2011. Nisqually Media.

ABC News Interview with Professor Mark Naison about Occupy Wall Street

Handcuffed By NYPD On Brooklyn Bridge During Occupy Wall St Video

View an art exhibit by Haverford and Bryn Mawr students that expresses their response to the events of September 11, 2001.

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